Is your immune system turning against you?

I find autoimmune conditions especially interesting and I love helping people figure out what their particular triggers are and how changing their diet and lifestyle can help manage their condition. 
Autoimmunity happens when the body loses its self tolerance. It can’t differentiate between invaders and its own self and goes into overdrive. No matter which part of your body is under attack, the problem here is your immune system and not the particular organ under siege.
It is believed that autoimmune diseases develop in the presence of three factors: a genetic predisposition, an environmental trigger, and intestinal permeability (commonly known as ‘leaky gut’).
Having the genes alone does not necessarily mean you will ‘get’ the predisposed condition. Diet and lifestyle can change how our genes are expressed.
If the gene has been turned on and you are experiencing autoimmune reactivity, there is still a lot that can be done to support the immune system and calm down the inflammatory response.
The first step would be to improve your diet, nutritional status and lifestyle to support the health of your immune system. 
We would look for your particular immune triggers and this will be different for everyone. Two people with the same diagnosis, may have completely different triggers and root causes and my goal is to help you figure out as much as possible of what is going, to help you understand your condition. 
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