Kitchen Stories

Mimi Ferments

Today I discovered a gut goodness goldmine. A little shop and fermentation lab called Mimi Ferments in Berlin Moabit. For anyone into miso and fermentation it’s well worth a visit. There are hundreds of jars of different ferments, from big barrels to small glass jars with a fermentation time from 2 days up to 5 years!

Mimi Ferments opened in March 2018 and is run by Markus Shimizu, who got into fermentation because of his own health issues. Suffering with allergies as a boy, his family switched to an organic, vegan, whole foods diet as a means to improve his health. This made his allergies go away and his interest for the health aspects of food grow bigger. This naturally led him to fermentation.

“It makes me feel healthy and with quite a lot of energy. When I do not eat my regular diet for an extended time I feel like I lose this vitality” Markus says.

Mimi Ferments customers include top-class Berlin Restaurants but also private individuals who can buy his products in small portions from the shop in Stephanstraße 24, Moabit.

His bestseller is a Shiro Miso, a young fruit rice Miso.

Markus also teaches his techniques in workshops which are starting up again in August. For exact dates, keep an eye on the website where they will soon be published.

Markus Shimizu

The Heart of The Home

Historically the kitchen was a room just for cooking, often shut off from the rest of the house to keep smells out and sometimes even at the opposite end from the dining room. Through the years it has become the centre of the home, the room people tend to gather in to gossip, play games, do homework, paying bills, and of course enjoying good food with friends and family. It’s the most important room of any household, where health can be created and where we should teach our kids about what proper food is (foods without long lists of ingredients with strange names!). Getting them interested and involved is so important, to help prevent picky eating and to give them the knowledge and tools they deserve to grow up as healthy as possible.

‘Your Fork Is the Most Powerful Tool to Transform Your Health and Change the World’ Mark Hyman